Welcome to the Florida Instructional Materials and Library Media District Certifications and Plans Portal.

Florida statutes require the annual submission of instructional materials and library media certifications and plans at designated times.

This portal serves as the reporting mechanism for the required submission of the following documents:

  • Annual Requisition Plan for Instructional Materials (section (s.) 1006.28(3)(b), Florida Statutes (F.S.).
  • Certification of Alignment and Adoption of Instructional Materials (Form IM-A) (s. 1006.283(1) and (4), F.S.).
  • Certification of Implementation of Instructional and Library Media Materials (Form IM-B) (s. 1011.67(2), F.S.).
  • Certification of Library Media Training (Form IM-C) (ss. 1006.28(2)(d) and 1006.29(6), F.S.).
  • Library and Instructional Materials Objection Report (Form IM-D) (s. 1006.28(e)3., F.S.).
  • Certification of Estimated Instructional Materials Spending (Form IM-E) (s. 1006.40(1), F.S.).
  • Certifications Required by s. 1003.42, F.S. (s. 1003.42(2)(g)1. and (h), F.S.).
  • Required Instruction Implementation Plan (s. 1003.42(6), F.S.).
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